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ATSI postural bodywork

Structural body work (ATSI)

The primary focus is on the structure of the body and posture, regulated through the positional fine tuning in space via the soft tissues of the body. The "reshaped" body will have a more efficient relationship with gravity, and therefore, by default use less energy in your daily activities.

This unique approach is complementary to other manual approaches, including massage therapy.

Rather than focusing on symptoms and chasing the immediate pain, this reshaping approach is a means to an end and not an endless cycle of pain returning after a few days or weeks.


Structural body work involves full active engagement by the client, helping in better body awareness. Through the participation, the client will be asked to help in the movement and release of tissues through various complementary movements, in conjunction with the therapist working the tissues and encouraging the re-restructuring of the tissues and posture.

The client is asked to arrive dressed in either undergarments or 2-piece bathing suit as we will begin the session looking at the posture in front of the mirror; both an opportunity to body read, learn and create a strategic plan for the session towards improving.

Each 90-min session integrates a variety of movements, techniques, positions and check-ins to continuously assess and reassess the work in progress. The bodywork is done alternating from the massage/treatment table, to bench work to standing. Regular check-ins are integrated as well as opportunities to have the client stand for another look at the posture and changes that have occurred from the work.

The goal of 3-series sessions is to reshape a body, to be able to use less energy and become a more efficient system in the movement.

Rebekah Frojmovic, structural bodyworker, massage therapist and social worker… as well as an anatomy trains structural integration student.

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